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Sobieskigasse 33

1090 Vienna





Matthias Stefan (that's right) Heschl born in 1988 in Graz, raised in Pöllau, Styria.

Based in Vienna since 2009.

Studied photography at the Graphische.

In business since 2012.


There was this long-haired, lanky, bandshirts-wearing, fourteen year old kid with a chain-wallet stuck to his skinny jeans. Embarrassing?! I know, but I don't care.

In this small town in styria, music was what caught my attention and triggerd my passion for photography. Without music I would have never gotten into

photography. I have always tried to capture the certain mood, light of my personal preception of a song. The feelings a song give me should be visible in the photos. That's my key to anything.

Music was my key to photography and photography is the key to inspire me for almost any story, issue, person, etc.


I am a professional photographer

specializing in music/artist, portrait and reportage photography.

Over the last years my photography grew and evolved in new areas like food photography, HR & career campaigns and advertising.

I'd describe myself as a creative and inventive person with a blue-sky thinking mindset. This is what allows me to also take on entirely different projects, like in the field of advertising and promotion jobs.

Let me put it that give me the product/story/issue/...the briefing and I'll find the perfect song for me to get the photos for the job done.

BTW I am still wearing band shirts.

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